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@Louis_Tomlinson: @Harry_Styles hahaha I am being slowly seduced by your curls
His curls or his smell ;) x

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The interview where Harry almost broke his neck from all that turning around to watch Louis.

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if that’s a mark it means Louis sucked on Harry’s pulse


where he could hear Harry’s beating heart

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when your friend calls you a “gold digging cock slut”

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Masterpost of Louis and Harry sharing clothes


This post will contain the most of their shared clothing, which I’m 100% sure about that they are in fact the same. I tried include private photos a.k.a. “free time” photos, because those are the clothes that matters. Not the ones in interviews or concerts, but even those are important, because sometimes our boys take them home… :) So, let’s go!

Louis’ scarf:


Harry’s hoodie:



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